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Blogs Are the New Black


blogging-for-authority-and-influenceI’ve been blogging since 2005 and have been advocating blogging as the single best SEO tactic since 2008 and suffered a lot of push back from clients.

Thanks to Brian Solis, who named 2012, The Year of the Blog, I may be vindicated. He generously published The State of the Blogosphere to bring you up to speed.

When social media, or more accurately, social networks, became the online darling, the “digerati” quickly forgot about blogs. I mean, what a boring word, b-l-o-o-o-g. We like snappy words with alliteration, like Twitter. Read the rest of this entry »

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B2B Advertising: Metrics That Matter


dwell-time-new-measure-of-engagementI started my career in print advertising selling ad space to national accounts like Stouffer’s, General Motors and Lands’ End. In those days, the pendulum swung every few years from media buying plans demanding reach to client’s wanting to promote to niche markets exclusively. Any independent rep who wanted to stay in business made sure she had a mix of high circulation and niche publications in her stable of magazines.

We’ve seeing similar decision making with online advertising and promotion. Media buyers today can choose from Google’s Content Network and the BBC for global reach to placing ads on niche blogs working with reps who can handcraft a proposal from over 3500 properties.

Unfortunately, traditional “media think” still populates much of the Internet ad buy mindset. People are fixated on total unique visitors (traffic) and page views. For a mass market brand approach, this makes sense. In isolation, these two numbers do not tell an advertiser enough about the site to make a well-informed decision. But, Web traffic certifications do exist. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cultivating a Cohesive Online Strategy


integrated-online-marketingThe days of manipulating search results through brute force link building is no longer an effective SEO strategy thanks to Google’s Panda update. Relying only on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to drive your traffic has become more and more expensive. And, as Google continues to push its properties onto the search engine results page (SERPs), the opportunity to appear “above the fold,” is creating challenges for online marketers.

With the Internet, change is constant. If shifts in the search landscape can get a business owner to understand the value of integrated online marketing, then I’m ready to do a tap dance.

I believe many businesses apply traditional marketing to their online marketing initiatives. It’s not so much that they’re uninformed. I think it’s more that the American consumer market is so big that even an incremental lift in website traffic provides an acceptable return on investment (ROI). Read the rest of this entry »

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Search Marketing Triage


search-marketing-adviceI was prepared to rant about the world being divided into two groups: Inter-nuts and Web-phobics. The majority of us who work on, in and around the Web recognize that we wouldn’t be employed were it not for client’s who needed our expertise. At the same time, websites that employ search and social strategic marketing well are few, unless you’re a big brand.

So whose fault is it when the decision maker, e.g. business owner, marketing manager, divisional VP, uses only a fraction of the online marketing channels available and measures customer interaction even less?

I blame the times we live in.

Read the rest of this entry »

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