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Making Mobile a Cornerstone of Your Multi-Device Marketing


Mobile MarketingMobile marketing is all about context. A study by Nielsen and Google found that “in the moment” searches are the most popular with 85% of smartphone users looking for local information and 81% following up to take action.

But what kind of content makes sense on a mobile device vs. the content marketing being published online? What effect does mobile content have on creating compelling customer experiences and how does mobile fit with other online marketing efforts like SEO, social and ads?

Since Google’s Hummingbird update, one thing has become clear — mobile can no longer be viewed as a separate channel. For forward-thinking marketers, the practice of optimizing for mobile across the span of customer touch points must be incorporated into your integrated marketing mix. If not, you risk alienating your customers.

But businesses and brands may be missing the bigger question – how will this trend toward mobile accessibility affect their current content marketing strategy? Read the rest of this entry »

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Content Marketing: Interactive Tools to Attract, Engage & Convert


Interactive MarketingAt first glance, interactive online tools may not seem like a content marketing tactic. But, when you consider their educational and entertainment value, interactive tools offer exactly the kind of ‘stickiness’ marketers and brands are looking for.

From the early days of collaborative online learning to sophisticated interactive tools that allow consumers to keep track of their calorie count and fitness level, today, numerous institutions, governments, news organizations and brands have incorporated interactive tools on their websites to further educate and engage their customers and constituents.

Why incorporate interactive tools as part of your content marketing mix? Because education is such a powerful and important fundamental to improving the customer experience.

The ability to invest in effort and receive output contributes to a customer experience that can differentiate your brand. At the same time, useful interactive tools satisfy a need for your target audience. Ultimately, tools that enable user interaction and feedback can drive sales, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Read the rest of this entry »

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Content Marketing With Infographics


Content Marketing With InfographicsIt’s safe to say that Big Data is revolutionizing 21st century business. The big question for marketers, however, is how do you take the wealth of information at your disposal and effectively simplify and present it in an engaging and informative way? One answer is infographics.

Defining what entails a good infographic is complex. For one, not all data lends itself to creative and unique visual communication. Someone who’s expert in design may not understand your audience or how to map relevant data in a compelling way. Don’t forget: great content isn’t great until it’s discovered, consumed and shared.

A couple of years ago, big splashy infographics with little substance were able to attract a lot of traffic because they represented a new content marketing format. While the novelty of the format has waned, they are still a fantastic way to present ideas and data in an easily digestible way as long as you think about the story behind the numbers and readers glean actual insight. Read the rest of this entry »

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Digital Marketing With Mobile Apps


Mobile AppsEarly adopters of mobile technology have been experiencing great results in their digital marketing mix by providing convenient methods for customers and prospects to find, consume and act on brand information. As companies discover innovative uses of mobile technology, they can help differentiate their services, reinforce corporate culture and build long-term customer loyalty.

Mobile commerce success is here too: According to IBM, 25.8% of total 2013 Thanksgiving online sales and 21.8% for Black Friday were via mobile.

As such, mobile applications represent the new frontier for brands. Read the rest of this entry »

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